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 Saturday DECEMBER 23rd, 2012

       I waited for my friend to text me all day, but she didn’t, and it resulted in me waking up at 3pm. I was mad at her for not putting anything together. My friends Estee, Charli, Anthony, and I ended up going out to Genki sushi for dinner and then watched Pitch Perfect and The Breakfast Club at Charli’s house. My friend Charli leaves for the Philippines tomorrow so we said goodbye :( Boo… It was a nice and FUN night.

       And now I must conclude my blog. Its been fun to document my whole trip to China, and now I feel like I succeeded… Like how Fordo took the ring to Mordor and then everyone said goodbye at the boat, that’s how I feel. We move on after a big adventure, but never forget… Although, I didn’t write everything down in a beautiful leather bound book by hand, or deal with army’s of people coming after me –it was still pretty expic.

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And who knows, I could go to China again and revive this blog! I really should save all the posts on my computer so I don’t lose them some how… 太感谢了大家!一路平安! 

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Friday, December 21st, 2012 

The Longest Friday of My Life

We woke up around 9am and went to McDonald’s for breakfast. I got some “big meal” that had egg, english muffins, and sausage; I made a lovely sandwich out of it. Jon and Tammy ate an apple. We headed back to the room to get Jon’s and Jessie’s bags and then said our goodbye’s. They got a nice BIG tour bus to take them to the airport. Then Tammy went to get breakfast somewhere else and I went back to the room. I ended up just watching CNN. We went downstairs to checkout around 11:45 and waited until 12:30 for our shuttle bus. It was just Tammy and I going to the airport, terminal 1. 

       Once we got there we went to check in F, but then were told we needed to go E for Hawai’i. My bags were both underweight, but Tammy’s were over. The lady said we had to take out few KG’s from each bag because it was over weight. After taking things out and throwing it into her and my carry-on, the lady FINALLY let her check in her bags. Then, this is where my rage for Pudong Airport and China Eastern begin (this is a rant I wrote once we got past security)”

I hate Pudong Airport. I wish I used a different airlines or maybe been told how strict they are. I just went through the most traumatic thing of my life, and I’m not exaggerating or over reacting; it was HORRIBLE! I know if this happened my Dad probably would have been very upset as well; bad service and dumb rules. You see, at HNL (Honolulu International Airport) they don’t weight your carry-on’s. In every airport I have been through, actually, they have NEVER weighted my carry-on. They always say “no more than 5lbs” but they don’t check. I’ve seen people bring HUGE bags and no one cares. In China, NOPE they care. The guy looked at my ticket and then picked up the pink bag Jessie gave me. He said “重“ (Zhong) which mean’s heavy. He then weighted it and it was 16KG and he said I cannot bring it. Then he weighted my backpack, which was 13KG and he said I had to take things out; same with Tammy. We thought he was joking because that’s so ridiculous. We opened up our bag to see what we could take out and I took out my Totoro books and then weighted the bag and it was under, Then I started to put it in my back pack and the guy said no… WTF! And I was so mad! We were trying to tell him we were not going to check in another bag because it would cost 1,000yuan! HECK NO! And they would not let us pass. They said it had to be 10kg TOGETHER and we had to check in the extra bag. I gave in and decided to get rid of my Chinese text books, which I’m still upset about. Then we weight it again and I try to go through, and they will not let us and then start IGNORING US! I was so upset.

We decided to go back to the place where we checked in because I thought I saw a place where you could send packages because I wasn’t going to pay 1,000kuai for a third bag. I found it wasn’t a post office, but just a place to package odd shaped items. I went to the help desk and told the lady that it was ridiculous that they weigh the bags because when we left Hawai’i we could bring 2 bags on and they didn’t weight. If we knew we would of put it in our check-in. She then said this is China and they do it differently, but I said it doesn’t matter, if they let me through another international airport with the SAME AIRLINES they should let me (and Tammy) bring in 2 carry-ons. I demanded that they let us check in a third bag for free, and the girl agreed. She put my pink bag on the belt and she looked at my ticket and said “sorry, you already checked in two bags, our limit is 3 so you have to pay the extra fee” I was SO MAD! And yelled at her some more, then she told me that I needed to talk to her supervisor.

So then we walk to the counter to talk to the supervisor and I repeat my whole story. The lady seemed annoyed (but I’m thinking she just gets yelled at her job) but she said she would allow us to bring on 15KG’s of carry-on. She did say we had to make our carry-on’s lighter because we said ours were 18KG’s I made her then write it on both of our tickets so when we went to the security line they wouldn’t think we were lying. Then she said I could get my two check-in bags to fill it up to 23KG’s (because both were under weight). 30 minutes later the bags showed up and we put a bunch of stuff in them. When I gave them to the lady they were 23 and 22.5KG’s, perfect! I did have to throw away my slip-on Van’s and put on Uggs… So I was wearing Ugg’s and shorts in the airport, EWWWW. I looked like trash.

 Then we weighed both our carry-on’s and had to take our more stuff to get them down to 16KG’s… Probably the most EMBARASSING ever. We were talking things out putting them on the floor, weighing, taking things out again, etc. And I could see people just watching us, ugh! Finally we both got it to 16KG’s and then made our way to security. I had to throw away my pirated DVD’s and Blockbuster mini poster things I put on my desk –not a big deal.

That took 2 hours to do, 2 HOURS!! It’s crazy. When we got to the mean security guards they used some scanning thing to check the note on our boarding passes that say we were allowed to bring 15KG’s. They didn’t even weight our bags and let us through!! UGH!! Finally we were inside and there was no time to get food, and there was SO MANY JAPANESE RESTRUANTS, I WAS SO MAD. We sat down at our gate and we used the bathroom and got drinks at a soda machine. 

We finally boarded and then found out we didn’t get movie screens… SERIOULSY!? At least it was only an 8-hour flights… The winds were in our favor! It was hard to sleep; yet the flight seemed so fast. The food was also pretty good. We got noodles with chicken and eggs with bacon!

I didn’t take any photos before or during the plane ride because I was so upset at the airlines.

Once we got in we had to take the “Wiki Wiki” shuttle. The airport isn’t that big, but the carousel from the international flights is kind of far so we all had to take the shuttle. Then we had to separate from U.S. residents and flight attendants and everyone else. Tammy was a little ahead of me and followed the crowd to the “everyone else” line and I went to the short U.S. residents one.

After going through customs I picked up my bags and then headed out, where my dad was to meet us! We waited about 10 minutes and then Tammy came out. Tammy said her parents said they were coming, but it was going to be a while, haha. After she got picked up we started home and picked up my friend Charli. I unpacked in-front of my family because they ALL CAME INTO MY ROOM -__-; I literally threw everything onto the floor and was like “k, done.” After I gave my presents away and organized the “gifts” and “Emma’s stuff” my friend and I decided to go down to Target to shop around. I also watched The Hobbit, but was falling asleep because I was so tired. Once I got home I took a 5 hour nap and woke up again at 10pm. I didn’t go to bed until 5am then woke up at 3pm on Saturday… Wow. I think I’m still on Suzhou time.

X Emma


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Thursday December 20th, 2012 

Last Day In Suzhou :(

For my last breakfast in Suzhou, I knew where to go: the alley. As I was waiting for my lady to cook my food, she said that today was my last day so she was going to give me more dumplings; she gave me 15 instead of the usual 10. Extra dumplings, that’s what love is. <3 <3 Jessie didn’t get anything (I don’t know why) and then we (except Tammy because she needed to finish packing) went to the school to ask about our grades.

Zhu laoshi didn’t know the scores, but said they had the tests scored. Jessie went to her room and was talking to a bunch of people, so I decided to go to my classroom to say good by. Ming Jin and Christine were eating truffles from Christine’s hometown in France! I ran down to Jessie’s class and saw my speaking teacher was there. We took a photo together, and then I took a bunch of Jessie’s class for her (which I still need to send to the teacher, haha). As we were leaving Jon said he got his scores from his teachers; he got a 95/100 on his speaking… woah .

Jessie and I returned back to the dorms and finished packing the little things and cleaning up the room. Around 11:50 I remembered that we needed to go back to the school to ask about the scores. Unfortunately, we just missed our teacher so we ran by the offices and I ran into my grammar teacher, she said the scores were down on the first floor. We went to Zhu laoshi’s, again, and then she said it was the scores were in room 102. We only saw the final writing scores:

Me: 79.7%

Jon: 78%

Tammy: 85%

Jessie: Under a 70 :/

Then we went back to the dorms again. I ran upstairs to meet Christine, Ming Jin, and two other girls from the class were there to meet me. I let them in to show them what I had to give. I have trashcans, trash liners, laundry detergent, left over medicine, towels, blankets, pillows, hangers, and a bunch of other stuff.  They only took the trash liners… and ONE bottle of water -___-; 

After that I went downstairs to meet the boys for a last lunch in Suzhou with the boys at the picture restaurant because the girls had to figure out the packing situation. I couldn’t finish my fried eggplant though *sigh. Jon did treat us though! When I got back to the room the door was open and there was this girl and guy in the room –I was confused. Turned out to be Tammy’s Japanese friend and her guy friend was cleaning his room and took a lot of Tammy’s things like her extra closet. She also weighted her bags and mine and said only one for hers was over weight –yay. I re-weighted them to know the exact numbers; 18/23kg and 16/23kg! I went over to Michaels and to give him the photos I took of him and to wait for Jon because we wanted to watch him beat the elite four on Pokemon. I also tired to carry Jon’s bag, IT WAS SO HEAVY! Jon and Chris went to Quanqianjie to get a 3D picture thing for his uncle.

 I ended up leaving the room by the time Jon left because I needed to finish cleaning up the room. Jon told me that to get my refund I needed my receipt from when gave the 200 kuai, which I didn’t have.

I also needed to go to Jessie’s room; although she was having a packing crisis because she thought she had too much stuff in her bag. I also decided to give things that I didn’t want to throw away, but not leave in the room, to Ayi. She was pretty thankful for the stuff I gave her, and thought all the water Jessie and I gave her was funny. She even asked if we drank any of them, lol.

Tammy went downstairs to get her 200 kuai and told me that we needed to pay for the electricity overage for this month before we could turn in our keys. Because I paid last month, and she didn’t pay me for it I told her to just pay for this month and that we would be squared away. I went to the Ayi and told her I lost my receipt and she told me to go to room 102 at the international dorm to get a receipt from them. So I RAN to the office, asked for a receipt (and got one for Jon). I also asked to see the scored again and saw the speaking final score as well: 75.5! Guess who passed her classes!!! THIS GIRL! 

Once I got my 200 kuai I headed back up to start bringing things downstairs, Jon came also to help. Once we had everything down there we waited for Jon. Sori, Boran, and Tammy’s Japanese friend came to see up off, but Jon was LATE! He apparently broke his hat and had to fix it. Once he was there we said our goodbyes and Jon, Jessie, Tammy, Natsuki, Nanami, Chris, and Micheal headed to the streets. We had so much luggage that each person got a piece of luggage. We crossed then street and flagged down a cab; Jessie and I got into one. We showed the taxi driver the card and we were off. Tammy was too catch a taxi, and they also had Chris go with her (good plan), then everyone else took the bus.

This is where the story gets CRAZY. Jessie and I were STUCK in traffic for most of the time and I was freaking out. Chris called me and asked which way the bus stop was because they were going toward the “pants” and across the lake –they were going away from where we were going. I was freaking out and ended up giving the phone to Jessie. Then Jon called me and said they were there already and I was like “omg, I’m going to die” and told him to tell the driver to wait 5 minutes because we were coming. By then Chris and Tammy were at the “other stop” which I didn’t know about and the guard told them the bus stopped there. I was totally freaking out and was panicking because the bus was to leave in 3 minutes and we could barely see the place. Jon called as we were waiting to turn and we told him we could see him; he told us to jump out. I saw it cost 23kuai and handed the guy 25 and we just got out when Jon came to the cab. We ran through the traffic and then said quick goodbyes to Michael, Natsuki, and Nanami (who were crying, boo):

Then we ran in and sat in the back. Because the traffic was so heavy we waved goodbye to everyone for about 5 minutes, it was kind of funny because we weren’t leaving. We went over the bridge to the other side and ended up picking up Tammy. We said goodbye to Chris and we were on our way. It didn’t feel like goodbye though, it just felt like we were going on a trip and were going to see them again.