Emma Goes To China

Wednesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween

       O-M-G It was FREEZING this morning!! Plus, there was a breeze and I was wishing I had grabbed a jacket! Because today was Halloween Chris, Jon, and I decided to dress up for school. I was to be Totoro, and the only shirt that matched with the poncho was a grey tank top (which was why I was freezing) with grey leggings. Another problem is that the poncho isn’t big enough for me to wear it buttoned with a backpack, so I had to leave it open in the front and I was so cold! Walking to the ally was cruel, lol.


       Once I got to class there was only 2 people, which is very weird. It’s also weird that Ming Jin walked in and there was no one else. So many people walked in right before the bell! Today we had our Ch. 7 character test, and I think I did alright. I got all the important characters, but I had to write pinyin for some –whoops. After that class was recess and I went down stairs to see the guys in their costumes.


       CHRIS FORGOT TO DRESS UP! Shame! So Jon and I got a photo and then I went to look for Natsuki to ask about badminton, but I couldn’t find her, so I went back up stairs. My second class was boring and slow as usual… I finished my Ch. 10 review worksheet within the first 15 minutes while still doing stuff for the class. Also, Ming Jin and I had a lot of fun making up a fake conversation. So the premise was to have someone call for a plane ticket, and a ticket person to say what times have a percentage off and what didn’t. What was confusing was every other “time” for a person to buy a ticket was on sale, so I couldn’t just say the all morning flights would be on sale, or all the afternoon times. As we were talking I told her “Sorry I’m new at this job, and I don’t speaking Chinese well” (in Chinese) and she said “oh, are you American” (in Chinese) and I say “Yes, are you Korean?” and she said “yes” and I ask if she knows English, and when she said yes, I say “Can we speak English now?” It was pretty funny. It was so funny in fact, we forgot to write down the dialogue, haha. It’s okay though, we managed to pull one together in 10 minutes and present it.